Start: 18. März 2020
End: 18. März 2020

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Webinar - online

Coronavirus has taken the event industry by storm. Many events have been canceled and sponsors are pulling out of their commitments. Is cancellation the only option? No. Events should avoid cancellation wherever possible. They should move online.

Pivot to Virtual will be a two-hour dive into the key challenges, crisis management strategies, and solutions needed for meetings and events, featuring EventMB editors in conversation with leaders in the event industry.

Join eight industry experts to navigate through these turbulent times. This is what you’ll learn:

  • What the WHO and CDC are asking planners to do to keep attendees safe
  • How to decide to cancel and what to tell your attendees
  • How to manage the virtual experience from a production perspective
  • How to make money with digital events from a case study
  • How to use event apps for online event engagement

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